Schoenbrunn Palace- Vienna, Austria


Traveling through Europe 


The purpose of this on-line trip through Europe is twofold. First, it gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the many wonders that Europe has to offer. Second, it also gives you some practical experience in planning out a trip of this magnitude.

The Task

You will virtually travel through Europe for up to a month, but be realistic as far as the time necessary to get from one place to another. You will also have to record not only where you go but also the means did you reach your destination and where you stayed.  Also, a map tracing each stop on your trip is to be included. You are required to "visit" at least three countries and 5 cities. 

You may work alone or with one partner. The requirements include a three page typed report. If you choose to partner up the paper will be 6 pages. When we are in the library "My partner is absent and has all the information" will not be accepted as an excuse. You both should have access to all of your research.  If you wonder on to websites that have nothing to do with the project you will be asked to log and your grade will be affected. 

All the sources that you use for the report should be listed on the source page of your report. The source page and the map do NOT count as one of your three pages.

Your journal entries can focus on any of the following: 


Example: Arrived this morning in Paris after an eighteen-hour train ride through the Alps Mountains from Rome. This afternoon we visited the Eiffel Tower. The tower was built in 1889 for a world exposition. It is 984 feet above the ground. It was at that time the world’s highest structure. We went to the top....


Here are some sites to get you started:     Budget travel tips country by country  . Has information on each country Contains train schedules from the major cities – Detailed map of the major rail lines Overall travel guide for some European Countries....dig a little and you'll find a lot Overall guide for all European countries A guide for festivals in Europe Overall travel guide 

Format for Report                                         



The Charles Bridge –Prague, Czech Republic

Grading- 85 points for the written report will be based on the following: 

For each day late you will lose 20 points

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