Ancient Civilizations of Latin America


Introduction: In the year 1492 Christopher Columbus “discovered” the New World. These lands, and the indigenous people who lived there, were there long before Columbus stumbled upon them. They had been living there for thousands of years creating their own distinct culture and customs. In many ways they were far ahead of the Europe.  Each group had their own understanding of science and the world around them.


The Objective-

§         To research and prepare a 2 1/2-page essay on life in ONE of the three pre-Columbian civilizations – either the Mayans, Aztecs or Incas

§         The three major themes your essay will cover are – daily life, religious beliefs, and
       technological or scientific advances  

Also included in your paper will be a map of the civilization you chose and 5 pictures and descriptions of the ruins that remain of these civilizations


Here are some sites to get you started…

§         Aztec Culture 
This site contains a good overview of Aztec life  


§ Ancient Aztec Civilization 
Lot’s of links to all things Aztec…warning some of the links do not work…sorry…


§         The Aztec Empire  

§         §  Inca Civilization 
This site contains a good overview of Inca life  

      § The Incas
       good overall site for Inca culture

§        Inca
Links to Inca culture and technology

      §     Ancient Mayan

      § The Maya 
      A site of great links about all things Mayan  


Grading—This project is worth 50 points

§         Format for the paper- 11/2 spaced w/ a 12 font

§         30 points for the essay

§         10 points for the map

§         10 points for the pictures of ruins with descriptions

Due date: Check with me!



Created by Mr. Ellis January 2003