Issues in Africa


Purpose of the Conference: To research, discuss, and present possible solutions to problems that concern Sub-Sahara Africa.

Student's Preparation for the Conference

Topics for the conference-

  1. Famine & poverty


  3. The economy

  4. Modern day slave trade

  5. Population control

  6. Destruction of natural resources & sustainable development

  7. Ethnic & tribal conflicts

  8. Human rights violations

  9. Endangered species

  10. Religious conflicts

  11. Civil war

  12. Diseases other than AIDS (ebola virus, malaria, cholera, yellow fever & sleeping sickness)

Individual roles within the group

  1. Overview & Background---What is the problem? Cause and effect-What impact does or will it have on Africa as a whole?

  2. Case study (s)- A closer look at one country/tribe/species etc. and the effects of the problem.

  3. Proposal- What should be done?

Key Points 

Format of the Conference

Here are a few resources to get you started


How will I be graded? I’m glad you asked…

Total 100 points

Conference Rubric


25-23 Points

22-20 points

19-15 points

14-0 points

Information & understanding of the issue

Fully addresses all issues of role, research has depth and consideration

Solid research- addressed issues of role through good research, has relevance

Most issues are addressed, not always relevant to topic

Weak research, barely covers fundamentals, sloppy, inaccurate


25-23 Points

22-20 Points

19-15 Points

14- 0 Points


Confident command of material, smooth delivery- Excellent use of visual aids

Good command of material, clear voice and maintained eye contact- Good visuals

Showed knowledge of material, relied heavily on note cards, poor eye contact- Visuals unclear &


Unsure of material, read straight from note cards, weak voice, unorganized & no visuals

20- 18 Points  17-16 Points  15-13 Points  12- 0 Points 

Input & Conduct during conference

Focused and on task, great effort—insightful questions & suggestions

Strong effort & focus- asked questions & made suggestions

Uneven effort & focus- questions & suggestions unclear

Weak effort, held group back, little to no participation

30 - 27 points  26 - 24 Points  23- 21 Points  20 - 18 Points 

Written overview

Well written-Information stated with depth and clarity – and a clearly stated knowledge of the issue

Information covered well – solid grasp of the issue

Covers the issue but a bit unclear—lacks understanding of the issue

Poorly written and unorganized – little to no clarity or understanding

Calendar of events

Introduction: Wednesday November 26th

Research Days in the Library: Monday December 1st and 2nd 

Conference dates- Monday-Wednesday December 15-17


Good luck!!!

Modified by Mr. Ellis November 2003