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Country Web Sites

CIA Factbook
Statistics you need for every country, territory, or island group.

Countries of the World
Updated information of many countries of the world

Virtual Tourist      
This site covers almost every subject on almost every country. This gives you access to Virtual Tourist II. Maps and information are included on almost every subject on every country.

World Atlas
This site gives a nice overview on almost every country.

Use Google Images for items that would help represent your country.


Immigration Web Sites

American Family Immigration Center - Ellis Island
This site is good for immigration history and genealogy.

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign born population of the United States: 1850-1919

Center for Immigration Studies


Genealogy Web Sites


Family Search - Your family story is waiting

History, Genealogy and Education

Surname Origin List

Kolomea Research Group Surnames of Interest Origins and/or Meanings (Jewish)

Coat of Arms, Origins, Locations, and Meanings (Coat of Arms, Polish link)

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites




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