Excellent site organized much like a magazine, with features and  permanent contributions. Timelines, maps, and bulletin board for questions.

Israel's memorial to Holocaust Jews, this gives basic historical information. Most useful is 'About the Holocaust-Shoah' section. Browse through online versions of Yad Vashem exhibits. Also contains Nazi documents, Hitler's speeches, Goebbel's diary, etc. translated into English.

Extensive history given in Timeline, the People section gives a human perspective, while the Arts section offers a sampling of the music, literature and visual arts created during the period.

Great research tool. Comprehensive resource collection includes historic photos and artwork, excerpts, and first-hand accounts of survivors, liberators, rescuers, etc.  A very rich site.

everything you need to know about the Holocaust


German/Nazi propaganda archive

Anne Frank center

massive collection of files; very useful


dedicated to the children of the Holocaust

excellent site for many Holocaust topics

Explores origins of Nazi genocide with some modern parallels to neo-Nazism. Gives layout and mechanics of death camps, also audio clips of survivors.

Sponsored by the Holocaust Education Foundation, it includes teacher resources such as lesson plans, book reviews, annotated bibliographies, courses, seminars and links to selected sites. First person accounts of six rescuers who assisted Holocaust victims from Poland, Holland and Czechoslovakia here.

Answers 36 frequently asked questions about the Holocaust.  Biographies of children who experienced the Holocaust. Highlights Museum of Tolerance, timelines, glossary. Gives information about hate groups on the net.

The Anti-Defamation League fights anti-semitism through this site by monitoring hate groups and the denial movement.

Also monitors hate groups and their internet sites.

Extensive listing of hate groups and U.S. map of hate groups
Answers to common questions about the Holocaust
Picture gallery from the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Timeline of events during the Holocaust
many images....
More images
Nazi propaganda site- tons of translations of speeches, brochures, posters, etc.
HUGE! collection of Holocaust resources from the Nazi era as well as
other genocides
Holocaust deniers. May be denied access.
refuting the deniers- in direct reference to previous site
Resources on human rights issues, genocide, Holocaust
About the other victims of the Holocaust
Photos documenting the Holocaust in Hungary
the life and death orchestra band that focuses on the genocide of the Jews



Mrs. Linda Sharon
Literature of the Holocaust
 November 2001
updated March 2003