Technology in Music

Mr. Capriotti


The following assignment is an exercise in importing more than one MIDI file in to a music notation program. Sibelius is the suggested program to be used.

· Please download the following MIDI file into Sibelius.  Be sure to save this to your "H" drive:

Mozart: Eine Kleine Nacht 1st Movement

Listen to the MIDI file to see if you are familiar with this popular melody

· Think of your favorite rock or popular song and find it in the MIDI format. Make sure it has a cool drum beat because we’ll need to use it later. Use this search engine to find it:

· Download the tune into Sibelius and save it on you "H" drive

· Select the drum set part ONLY and copy it (Ctrl + C). Make sure you don’t copy any drum introductions, you want to copy the drum part from when it starts keeping a steady and consistent beat.

· Open the Mozart piece and paste the drum part starting at measure one (Ctrl +V)

· Play back the Mozart piece with your added drumbeat.

This exercise can be useful for your everyday band music. Importing different songs together can be a creative way of making a new tune with your band, or just fun to play around.