SURVIVOR-Odysseus' Revenge

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During the summer of 2000, a new television series swept the country and the ratings.  Jeff Probst and 16 contestants were put on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The members were divided into tribes and, as the world watched each week, one member was voted off the island.  The member who survived to the end would win $1 million.  "Survivor-The Australian Outback" was televised from January to April 2001. After the success of that series, the executives at CBS ordered the development of the next Survivor show.  It has been decided that the next Survivor series will be based on the journey of Odysseus from Troy back to his home in Ithaca.  Odysseus has gathered 5 of his "favorite" acquaintances from his 10 year journey and placed them in a remote location.  They will participate in a series of challenges and be banished from the TV show one at a time.  

The Task

You have been assigned to a work for CBS as part of a team that will develop the new TV series "Survivor-Odysseus' Revenge".  Your job will include the following tasks.


.Survivor TV series sites-Check out this site for ideas on how to set up your map and character profiles.  Don't spend too much time here.  Just use as a reference.  


              (Click on "Island" to see a close-up map of the island.)


              (Click on different survivors to see their bios and profiles )                  

Map sites-Use these sites to help choose a location for your show.


            Great map of Greece



            (click on “next” after each map to follow the trip)



             (modern map of Mediterranean Sea)


            (after finding a location, click on it here for a close-up)

 Character sites-Use these sites to find summaries of the various gods/goddesses, humans and monsters involved in "The Odyssey"


             Great pictures and character information


            (pics of characters)


             (use and "survivor" for the password.  Click on "Monkey Notes"

              and then SEARCH "Odyssey".  Click on "Homer Search Results" and then either "Monkey

             Notes" or Barron's Booknotes.  These sites have both character and plot summaries. 


            use the drop down menu on the left to go to “characters”


             MythNET-Where Togos are still hip-be sure to check out the "Picture Gallery"

   and SEARCH the name of your character

Plot Summary-Use these sites for ideas for challenges.  Base your challenges on the strengths and weaknesses of the characters on the island.  Be creative.  

            See instructions above for


            Mythweb's Odysseus



          Use your textbook to review the stories that we have read.  

The Process

          Name                                                                        Occupation/Hobbies

         Physical Description/Mental Traits                            Hometown (if known)

         How they helped or hurt Odysseus                           Strengths and Weaknesses

         This information will be typed or neatly written on a series of pages, next to or beneath a picture of each.

Learning Advice

          When you find an illustration that you need, "right click" on the picture.  

          Choose "Save Picture as"  and type a name that will remind you of the picture. 

          Make sure that you are saving the picture as a .jpg or .bmp.

          Choose the A: drive and insert a virus-free disk in the drive.  Click "Save".  

          Open a Word document and then go to the A: drive and locate the picture. 

          You can then copy the picture to the document and resize as needed.  

          You can even type your text directly on this page.  


 You've now completed your own "odyssey" through the geography, characters and conflicts encountered by Odysseus on his journey from Troy to Ithaca.  Your proposal for the new Survivor series will be seriously considered by the executives at CBS and you will be notified of the results!


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