aka Oedipus Tyrannus and Oedipus rex

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            Cherokee Library

                        Subject: Type in author’s name or title of work on the subject line

Internet Explorer – Cherokee High School Virtual Library

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DISCovering Collection–Scribner’s Writers–Twayne Authors * [Internet subscription]

                                          Type in password: marl50049. 
                                          Select one of the collections
                                         Author:: Type last name – topic ideas listed at the end of author articles

                        Magill on Literature [Internet subscription]

                             Click on EBSCOhost Web; uncheck MasterFILE Elite; check Magill on
                                       Literature; fill in Find with title in quotes; click

                         StoryFinder Online * [Internet subscription]

                                          Click on “Find a story”; type in name of short story or title of story 

                         BigChalk Library * [Internet subscription]

                                    Type both Oedipus and Sophocles on same search line

                          EBSCOhost * [Internet subscription]
                                For magazine articles/reviews click on EBSCOhost Web; click MasterFILE
                                          fill in Find; click limit search to full text; click search

                         English Click on the following:
          Online Literary Criticism [Internet]
                                           Gale Literary Index   

                         Search Engines [Internet]
Google                                                  Librarian’s Index to the Internet
                                         Digital Librarian                                                Internet Public Library

* See orange bookmarks in library for home access to these databases



            REF 803        area          (literary dictionaries)

REF 808.8     area 

REF 809       DIC           Dictionary of literary themes and motifs

REF 809.2                     (foreign and world drama)

REF 880   880.09 and 880.3 areas

REF 913.38 area

OPEN SHELF AREA  (NO books will circulate)


809            HIGHET         Classical tradition: Greek and Roman influences on …

880    882 and 882.01 areas