US History II
Genealogy/Family Tree Projects


                  Scroll down, on the left side there is a place for you to type your
              relative’s names. Start with your grandparents or great-grandparents.
                On the top of the screen, there is a place to type your relative’s names.  Start with your
                grandparents or great-grandparents.
                Type in Social Security Death Indexes.  Then use the first website you see and follow directions.
                (The people you research here have to be dead.)
               Scroll down, to the bottom left there will be a place to type in a “surname” (LAST name).  Begin
               with yours, and try other last names in your family.
              Good when searching for states that you can trace your relatives from. 
             If you have veterans of war in your family, the “research room” can allow 
             you to request copies of military records for your family members.
             If you know your ancestors came through New York City’s Ellis Island port
             of entry, this is a great site.



Click on the Statue of Liberty, then scroll down and click on famous immigrants.  It will tell you why they are famous, what country they immigrated from, and what year they arrived here.

In the search box, type “famous immigrants.”  Then scroll down to click on PBS: The New Americans, Perceptions and Misconceptions.  Then scroll down again to click on “Notable Immigrants.”  It will tell you the immigrant’s name, where they came from, and why they are famous.

In the search box on the left side, type “famous immigrants.”  Then click on Guess who’s the immigrant quiz.  You will get a name of a famous immigrant, a description of the immigrant and the country where they came from.

This will give you famous immigrant’s names, pictures, and why they are considered famous.



Type in your specific country – coat of arms, or your specific country – national flag.  Example:  Czechoslovakia – coat of arms, or Italy – national flag.  Then click on whichever site you want.



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