Famous Photographer or Photojournalist WebQuest

a Webquest for Photographics Two/Cherokee High School, Marlton, NJ

Designed by Charles C. DiVincenzo,


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People have been keeping visual records of themselves and the things around them since prehistoric times, recording images that range from carefully drawn hieroglyphic to pictures taken on the surface of the moon. Each image is an attempt to communicate from one person to another the things we see. Photography means "writing with light" gives us the means to record and examine our day-to-day activities (photojournalism). A photograph preserves what the memory can't. It captures a scene with detailed accuracy. Photography has allowed us to view the past with more sensitivity and compassion. There are many photographers and photojournalists that have taken pictures, and you will be responsible to tell one photographers story with their images.



The Task

You are going to research a photographer/photojournalist that interests you. You will be responsible for making a PowerPoint presentation that will be shown in class. You will be responsible for investigating the following areas using resources available on the Internet. You can download pictures to be included in your presentation. Things that need to be included in your presentation:

1. Find out how they became involved as photographer or photojournalist. (What sparked their interest?)

2. What characterized this photographers'/photojournalists' work (different projects)

3. Did their styles change over the years?

4. The impact the photographer or photojournalist had on the photography medium.



The Process

You will choose a photographer/photojournalist (there will be no repeats) and research their life and images (public impact).

1. Produce an outline/storyboard that explores the photographers life and images. The storyboard will include what images, text information, and page design (colors and boxes might be used) will be used on each page of the presentation.

2. Produce a Famous Photographer/Photojournalism PowerPoint presentation.


You must include all bibliographical information/references.

a. Download six to eight images and placing them into your presentation. (Are these images typical of your photographer?)

b. Document all homepages and all print materials that information and images were found for this presentation.

c.Websites which you used, you are allowed/encouraged to use other websites that the ones provided on this site.




Use this space to point out places on the internet (or physical resources in the classroom) that will be available for the learners to use to accomplish the task. Embedding the links within a description of the resource will also assist your learners to know in advance what they're clicking on.



























Outline portraying the photographers life and attitude towards their work-20 points

Presentation-40 points

Title and Credit Pages 10 points

Special Effects-10 points

Conclusion Page-5 points

Bibliography Page-10 Points

Correct Spelling and punctuation-5 points


100-Total Points


After all the presentations have been made, the students will be taking a quiz, using student made questions.


25-Total Points





The students when completed this assignment will have an appreciation of ten or more famous photographers or photojournalists. This is a combined group effort and if each group really does a good job, the benefit to the class as a whole should be informative and powerful. The students will also useful ways to find information on the internet. Some students may have never learned how to present information electronically/digitally. This is their opportunity to learn how to produce a PowerPoint presentation that can be presented to many people at simultaneously.



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