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The city of Paris is the most popular American tourist destination in the world, and the focus for Chapter 13 in your textbook. It is very possible that one day you will have the opportunity to visit this beautiful city, and you will want to be prepared. In this WebQuest activity, you’ll research facts about the history of Paris and all it has to offer using the Web and other sources.


The Task

You and your partner work for a travel agency. You have been asked to design a travel itinerary that appeals to a certain client. When you have finished gathering your data and collecting your research, your final product will be something that you present to the class. You and your partner will be assigned a client from one of the following options:

1.      Your client has an unlimited budget of both money and time. Use your imagination to create an itinerary that would appeal to the rich and famous, and remember--the sky’s the limit!

2.      Your client has a strict spending budget, but with ten days to spend in the city. Use your imagination to plan an economical visit to the City of Lights.

3.      Your client is a business traveler with a good spending budget, but who is pressed for time and needs to maximize his three-day stay. Use your imagination to plan a comprehensive visit of the city. What should this type of traveler be sure not to miss?

4.      Your client is a student on a Paris visit. Use your imagination to create an itinerary for a high school or college student traveling to Paris for a week. Keep in mind that the spending budget will be tight, but we want our visit to be educational and fun!

5.      Your client is a family of four on a tight spending budget who is visiting Paris for five days. The family includes two parents and two children, ages 8 and 10. Use your imagination to plan a fun-filled family stay.

All itineraries should include the following:

a.       historical background of Paris

b.      area and population

c.       currency

d.      important holiday celebrations

e.       popular tourist destinations and activities

f.        places to stay (at least three options)

g.       places to eat (at least three options)

h.      information on shopping

i.        a colorful cover with your travel agency’s French name visible

j.        visual support (if you need assistance downloading pictures from the Internet, please see one of the librarians)

Please remember that the information you include in your itinerary MUST suit your client. Consider carefully the costs associated with the activities you plan.




The Process

  1. Students will choose a partner with whom to form the “travel agency.”
  2. Students will be assigned a client for their itinerary.
  3. Students will work, both in and out of class, on the Un voyage à Paris WebQuest.
  4. Students will complete a series of short quizzes and worksheets to be used for assessment.
  5. Students will submit their final product which will meet the following criteria:

a.   final product will be a typed itinerary from three to five pages in length and a class presentation

b.      final product will have an appealing, colorful cover with the name of your travel agency visible

c.       final product must be bound in a booklet (using a report cover, or plastic binding)

d.      class presentation will include a map of the city which must be large enough for the entire class to see (or look into making a transparency—they can be made in color for minimal cost)


Learning Advice

·        Use pictures, drawings, and photographs to make your itinerary eye-catching. Include as many pages as you need to meet the task and to “sell” your client(s).

·        Visit a travel agency and ask for free brochures/information.



     Presentations will begin the week of April 9th, 2001.

     **This is the last week of school before Spring vacation!**

      You will be evaluated on the following:

1.      the quality of your final product

2.      your map and any other visual aides

3.      the short quizzes and worksheets along the way

4.      your in-class presentation, which should be well-presented and organized. Be enthusiastic, make eye contact, and do not read!



     Félicitations! You have now created a great itinerary that should provide a balance of fun for all people taking the trip. I hope you have grown to appreciate the beautiful city that is Paris somewhere along the way!


Credits and References

     Pictures:  Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame Cathedral from Microsoft Clipart
     "Paris" logo:  obtained from


     This page was written by Ms. E. Witzig

     Last updated March 26, 2001