What is a Hotlist?

A Hotlist is a list of links that will focus the student learning process by sending them to the sites that answer your classroom questions.    They don't spend the time typing in the address.  You, the teacher decide what sites you want them to look at to answer your worksheet or lesson objective.

1.  Creating a Hotlist will save your students hours (well, at least 40 minutes) of aimless searching and typing--- not an efficient use of class time. You spend the time and focus the learners into sites that you have decided fit your lesson.   Plus,  it is hard to type a long address in right, and this will solve that problem.

Special Assignments    These are sites that teachers here at Cherokee have done already and they will tell you that it works. 

Making your own Hotlist 

1. Open Internet Explorer.  Minimize the program ( the little minus sign at the top right hand of the page)

2. Open a new office document in Microsoft Frontpage or Microsoft Word.  Frontpage is much easier for the webperson to put online.

3. Go to File ->Save As   and name the file and make the name short. - it helps the webperson - no caps - no spaces)  REMEMBER TO SEE WHERE YOU ARE SAVING --.   A: drive     C: drive.    In Frontpage make sure you name the title of the page.  This is what shows up on the internet on the top line.

4.  Type in the Title of your page.     ( Example:   Sites for Internet Lesson on Art).  Then put your cursor where you want the first location site to be.

5.  Minimize  Frontpage or Word  ( remember that little minus sign)

6.  Open Internet Explorer  ( Click once on Internet Explorer at the bottom of the page)

7.  Find the site that you want to put in your  document and hilite the location.  
(for example:   http://www.lr.k12.nj.us/Site/cherokee/library/teachers.htm) is a location site..  

8.  Go to edit  and copy this location site    (you can use keystroke control-c )

9.   Open your document. 

11.  Type in the name of the webpage you want the students to go to.     Hilite this name.

12.  Go to Insert    -> Hyperlink

13.  A window will pop up   ->paste the address into the space where the cursor is blinking using the keystroke   -->   ctrl - v

14.  Click on O.K.

15.  Save this  file!!!!!  Always use the save as button.  This way you know where you are saving the file.    (In Microsoft Word save as a web page.)

16.  Do the same thing all over to add another address.  ( #5, #6 [ pick your own sites], #7,#8, #9, #11 thru #15)

17  Put your name - date - subject area at the bottom of the  page. 

18.  Save this page to a disk and give to your webmaster to put on the Web under ->   Special Assignments  ( You need to find out what to do at your school.)                                                                                            

Congratulations!!!!  You have made a hotlist.  

One step  more.....

 You must give your webmaster at least 1 complete day-  if not more-  to put your Hotlist out on the web.  There are little glitches and computer bugs that almost always make it necessary to spend time tweaking your list to make it work. 

Mrs. DeVan mailto:mdevan@comcast.net
Inservice on Webquests/Hotlists
updated in March 2004  - mpd