What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is an interactive inquiry-oriented learning activity that has three key elements that make it different from just searching for knowledge.

  1. There is a problem to be solved.
  2. Information about the problem is gathered from the web by a group, all of whom have different roles based on different vested interests in the solution.
  3. The solution to the problem is reached through negotiation and agreement of all parties.

Things to remember about WebQuests:

  1.   Do not reinvent the wheel.  Wagon Wheel
      In other words, don't spend time writing a WebQuest without searching the sites to see what is out there. Sometimes  the idea is already there and all you have to do is use the one you find, or tweak it just a little bit to make it fit the lesson you are teaching.  

            Here's how I created my first WebQuest.  

             I saw the "Create a travel brochure". 

             I remembered the Travel brochure lesson that Mrs. Stokes used. I talked to her 
             and  I found the sites.  This was for  the ETTC class I took.  

             Mr. Reca talked to Mrs. Stokes, and he used this for his class.                 

             Travel to Latin America   http://cmcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/webquest/reca.htm

              Then I heard that Mr. Gallo would be using Mr. Reca's site with 
                  some changes.  See how it goes??!!

       2.  Check out WebQuests on the internet:  Use them.  Do they give you an idea?   

               ETTC WebQuest Page   http://www.lr.k12.nj.us/ETTC/archives/WebQuest.html

               WebQuest Example Matrix   http://webquest.sdsu.edu/matrix.html

               Math WebQuests  http://www.wfu.edu/~mccoy/NCTM99/

              Shelby County Schools WebQuests http://www.scs.k12.tn.us/STT99_WQ/wq_toc.html  

 Good Luck and Happy Hunting!!!  

Mrs. DeVan mdevan@comcast.net  Inservice on WebQuests  page last updated on 11/08/2004