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Soloquest is for YOU to do while you are in the library or at home. This will be a short term
project that should not take more than one period. You will learn how to help yourself find the path  to complete major assignments given in the four years of  high school.

The Task   

The user will be choosing one of the assignments that is a major part of  a grade level's requirement.
The solo learner will go to Library programs and on-line to become familiar with the reference databases purchased by the Cherokee High School Virtual Library and the recommended sites for searching. 

Choose a person who was directly involved with a major event of the twentieth (20th) century. 
Choose an American author, select a major work of his and find criticism about it.
Choose a British poet, find criticism on a poem and compare it to your interpretation.
Choose a current health problem or disease and report on it.


Cherokee High School Virtual Library Homepage 
     Provided here are links to7 reference/research programs as well as curricular pathfinders,
     hotlists and links for career, college and reference work. - 25,000 personalities from Biography A &E. 
Biographical Dictionary -- very short entries
Time 100 -- Heroes, events and icons
Statistical Abstract of the United States - collections of data

National Inventors Hall of Fame -- United States Patent and Trademark Office
Invention Dimension -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Gale Literary Criticism -- Index to biography and many critical articles
Literary criticism, biography and analysis from many sites

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -- Food and Drug Administration
National Institute on Drug Abuse 
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

Use Start,  Programs - CHEROKEE LIBRARY to find many book sources under subject.
Especially good are Reference areas 920, 973, 809, 810, 820 and 610.

Use Start, Programs and choose the appropriate CD-ROM Reference program

Literary database for biography, analysis and criticism

The Process  

After choosing one of the four tasks, link to the homepage and investigate the internet
reference programs linked on the homepage. 
    Choose those programs that would be helpful.
    Find the information  necessary to complete the task.

Decide which group of websites would be most useful in completing the task.
    Link into the sites and add to your information for the task completion.

Decide which CD-ROM Reference programs and library books would help.
    Investigate these sources. Copy information to a disc, save it or check materials out.

Learning Advice   
Some of the reference programs are available for "at home access".
Be sure you have a copy of the orange bookmark with the remote usernames and passwords on it to enable you to use these programs at home.

When using the internet sites, make SURE you can prove validity or authorship of 
the site. 
    Who authored the site?
    Can you link to or email  the author?  
    Is it up to date and accurate ? 
    What are it's sources of information?

Make sure you copy the citation for ALL of your sources!!
    Know which sources are from Internet, CD-Rom and book.


You have been able to choose from and find resources for the four most likely assigned projects at Cherokee High School. I hope you have been successful and could efficiently find the 
needed information. You had to be selective and critical. You have developed important skills.


This page written by Kathlene Witzig, Librarian  

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