Italian Renaissance Art Webquest

Designed by Guillaume C. Lavelle


Introduction  | The Task | Resources | The Process | Evaluation | Conclusion


Did Italian Renaissance Art change and or evolve throughout the Renaissance?  Art can be viewed from many different perspectives.  You will be analyzing Italian Renaissance Art from four different points of view from early to late Renaissance works.  You will travel through time and space to view these works of art in museums throughout Europe.

The Task  

You are part of a group of  artists dedicated to understanding Italian Renaissance Art. You will analyze the painting techniques used by Italian painters throughout the Renaissance. Each artist in your group of  four will examine the art work from on of the following points of view:      

After working individually, the group will work together to discuss their research and make conclusions about the evolution or lack thereof in Italian Renaissance Art.



The Process

Divide the class into groups of four students.

Assign each group to examine Italian Renaissance Art from a different perspective - each member of the group will have a different painting technique to explore.

Each group will  prepare a written report and oral presentation summarizing the groups findings. Powerpoint presentations are encouraged.

Bibliographical references must be included in the written report.

All members of the group must contribute to both the written report and oral presentation.


Category 1 2 3 4 5
Use of references          
Visual Display          
Group Effort          
Total for group

1 - Weak. Needs additional effort. All categories deficient.

2 - Below average. Some categories need additional work.

3 - Average. Meets basic requirements.

4 - Good. Shows creativity and initiative. 

5 - Superior in content, preparation and presentation.


 Congratulations. You  now have a thorough understanding and appreciation of Italian Renaissance Art.  Broaden your horizons and continue to study Italian  Art and Culture.  You may even want to develop your own WebQuest  or Website on Italian Art.