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Let's Throw a Wedding for

Romeo and Juliet 

A WebQuest for 9th Grade English I, Level Two

Designed by Mr. Moran

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The Introduction and Task

In the play Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare has the young lovers marry in a secret wedding without a full service, without a million guests, without the feast and festival that is befitting a couple as wonderful as Romeo and Juliet. Your assignment is to change history and plan the party of the centuries!  Let's rewrite history and literature and plan a wedding for Romeo and Juliet to marry in a public ceremony witnessed by all!  Be as extreme in your planning as these two lovebirds were in their feelings for each other.  You can include as many of the resources listed below as you see fit.  You have no budget, the sky is the limit!  Invite as many people as you want, feel free to cross the barriers of time, social class, royal status, and fiction and fantasy.  Invite kings, musicians, Shakespeare, Leonardo DiWhatshisname, Capulets, Montagues....

Just one word of advice: be sure it all makes sense to Romeo and Juliet.  The food, music, fashion, games, entertainment, hairstyles, decorations, wedding service, as well as the guest list must all be appropriate for the lives and times of Romeo and Juliet, and/or Shakespeare.

Your class will work in five groups assigned to following areas: The Guest List, Fashion and Food, Music and Games, The Service, and  Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare.  Each group will complete the research and tasks as described below.  Grading details are included in each group's task description.   At the end of the project Phase each group will present their findings in a class presentation.  Grading details for the this presentation are are here.



The Process and Resources

Because we want this party to go off without a hitch we will break into small groups of four or five students each and handle the arrangements as specialties.  Please read the specific task your group is assigned and use the resources as fully as possible to cover every angle.  Remember, we are inviting a variety of guests from a changing time period so you must include as many details as possible to guarantee the success of this event.

After all the groups have completed their individual work you will have created the master party plan suitable to host an authentic Romeo and Juliet wedding, accurate in every detail, for up to 200 guests.


Group 1 - The Guest List & Conversation: Who Is Invited, Where Do They Sit, and What Do They Talk About?

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One of the toughest tasks when planning a wedding of this size is simply getting all the people together.  You have two households, both alike in dignity, to consider.  From the head of each household, to his immediate family, the bride and groom, their friends, their servants, their servants' servants, well connected businessmen and politicians, old family friends, the shady relatives from the highlands, the royalty!!  Your task is awesome.  You can't afford to offend anybody, yet there must be peace in the wedding hall.  Review the following resources and create a list of guests and a seating chart for tables of up to ten guests per table.  For each table you are to create a list of appropriate conversation topics and/or life situations that your guests will have in common.  If your guests can't find enough common ground to talk they are bound to draw their mistempered weapons and have at each other!

Some topics to consider as you search are: everyday life, politics, social events, cultural events and any other category listed below.  Remember: what might be appropriate for one group of people may not work for the next.  Feel free to use the resources for the other groups.  The grading details for this section are here.


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Group Two ~ Fashion and Food ~ What Do the Wedding Party and Guests Wear?What Will You Feed Them?

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Your group will have two functions that you may divide and complete anyway you see fit.   All members of this group will share the same grade. 

The first thing your group will do is to search your resources and determine what types of outfits your wedding party and guest will wear.  What can we expect to see at this stellar fiesta?  You are to design a wedding dress for Juliet and an ensemble for Romeo.  You are to create a scrapbook of outfits that the guests will be wearing.

After you clothe your guests you have to feed them.  Many of us have been to weddings, proms, birthday parties, award dinners, and various social functions where we have endured the worst food of our lives.  Instead of the industrialized, pre-fab, tasteless fare of careless cooks YOU are going to scour the internet and determine the best menu for your guests.  Remember... this is the wedding to end all weddings!   After you determine the foods that will be served for each course you will create an actual menu and prepare at least three of the foods you will be serving.  Your actual menu may be computer generated, hand drawn, painted, prepared as a collage or any other artistic method but it must have the feel of the time period of Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare.  The foods you prepare must be as authentic in ingredients and preparation style as possible.  All modern substitutes must be noted and explained.

Remember this is the wedding of the century... your guests will be DRESSED TO THE NINES and will expect to be eating the finest cuisine available to man. You must not disappoint.   Feel free to use the resources for the other groups.  The grading details for this section are here.


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Group Three ~ Music and Games ~ What Will We Do For Fun?

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Your group will also have two functions that you may divide and complete anyway you see fit.   All members of this group will share the same grade. 

The first thing your group will do is to search your resources and determine what types of music will be appropriate for this wedding.  You are to prepare a song list including song titles, composers, performers and lyrics.  You should also provide a tape or CD with a collection of songs.

After you compile the music you have to get your guests moving to burn off those party calories.  Search your resources to compile a list of games, activities, dances and fun for your party-goers.  After you compile a list of games, select a few and design a Rule Book to pass out to all of your guests.  Be ready with all necessary equipment to play a few games with us.

Feel free to use the resources for the other groups.  The grading details for this section are here.


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Group Four ~ The Service ~ What Type of Wedding Ritual Will This Be?  What Are Their Beliefs?       

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Your group has the most important task of all... scripting the wedding.  In the play Friar Lawrence performs the wedding outside the prying eyes of Shakespeare's readers.   You are to research your sources and design the entire service including the Friar's words, Romeo and Juliet's vows, the witnesses' roles, any hymns sung during the service,  special objects, any legal or financial conditions that must be considered... after all, we want this relationship to last this time!  Make sure it is all legal in the eyes of heaven and the law. .

Feel free to use the resources for the other groups.  The grading details for this section are here.


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Group Five ~ Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare ~ Who Were They?

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You have probably discussed these people much more than you thought possible, but here you go again.  Keeping in mind all of your  discussions, lectures, and notes from class, as well as your research for this WebQuest, write a complete character sketch of Romeo, Juliet and William Shakespeare.  You will have to bring together all of your knowledge of these people from the play, as well as who they might have been based on historic models and the varying interpretations of these people throughout differing cultures.

Discuss the impact these characters have had on culture throughout the ages. 

Feel free to use the resources for the other groups.  The grading details for this section are here.


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Grading Information ~ Group One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Please follow the information for your group.  Each group is completing different work and will be graded accordingly.

Group One Grading Information

1.  20 Points  TABLE SEATING CHART with NAMES of guests . 

2.  30 Points  RANK, TITLE, OCCUPATION, INTERESTS of each guest.

3.  50 Points  A LIST OF TOPICS for each table to discuss during the ceremony. 

Group Two Grading Information

1.  20 Points  A MENU of all food and drink served at the wedding . 

2.  30 Points  THREE FOODS prepared for the class.

3.  20 Points  A SCRAPBOOK OF OUTFITS your guests will wear. 

4.  30 Points  JULIET'S WEDDING DRESS handmade by you (this can be a dress you already have that you have embellished... be creative!). 


Group Three Grading Information

1.  20 Points  A LIST OF MUSIC to be played at the wedding and reception.   

2.  30 Points  A TAPE OR CD OF MUSIC from the wedding playlist to be played for class.

3.  20 Points  A LIST OF GAMES to be played during the wedding and reception.

4.  30 Points  A RULEBOOK and EQUIPMENT to hand out in class in order to play a few of these games


Group Four Grading Information

1.  30 Points  A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF LOVE as experienced by Juliet

2.  30 Points  A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF RELIGION as experienced by Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare

3.  40 Points  THE SCRIPT FOR THE ENTIRE WEDDING SERVICE including bride, groom, friar, witnesses, parents,.....


Group Five Grading Information






Presentation ~

Now's the time to tell others what you learned. Finalize your group's project and prepare a presentation for the class.  This presentation will be different for each group and should be based on the content of your project.  A lecture may work for Group One, while Group Two might need to be more interactive.  Your creation should the following information.  The total is 100 points.

1.  10 Points  Give all your names and tell why you are designing this poster, brochure, or newsletter. 

2.  50 Points  State the chief considerations and problems you faced while tackling your groups assignment.

3.  10 Points  Each person in your group should tell about some part of your project. 

4.  10 Points  Have each person on the team proofread your creation for correct grammar and visual appeal.

5.  20 Points  In addition to your class presentation you must also share your project by printing it, e-mailing it, or posting it to your school   


Congratulations on all your efforts!!! Now you know what it takes to put on a wedding of epic proportions.  I hope you had fun broadening the scope of your knowledge of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, and the history behind the play.   You should be proud of yourselves!

If you have any more questions about Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare or his time, you know where to find out about the real stuff, so get going!


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