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Travel to Latin America

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You work for a great travel agency that wants to design a trip for teenagers to a country in Latin America. You have been assigned to a group that is going to describe the country and prepare a trip which will make young people want to go visit this place.

The Task

Design a one-week trip and a travel brochure that will make young people want to go to this country. You must create a name and a slogan for your agency that will reflect your purpose for this project. You will present your trip and brochure to the class. Any "props" necessary to enhance your presentation are encouraged. (examples: music, clothing, or any other item that would be represent your country’s culture.)

Each group will consist of four people. Each member of the group will take on one of the following personalities:


The Historical Advocate - This person is responsible for pointing out the following:  historical sites, museums, theater, ancient ruins or architecture, any famous geographical sites, and any other unique sites that tell of the country’s past.

The Weekend Warrior- This person is responsible for pointing out the following: leisure activities, spectator sports, participatory sports, any aquatic activities, and any other activities unique to that country.

The Thrill Seeker- This person is responsible for pointing out the following: festivals, night sports, holidays, restaurants, clubs, casinos, beaches or any other activity or location where you can get a taste of the best cultural flavor of the nation.

The True Tourist- This person is responsible for pointing out the following things you will need to know for a successful trip: currency needed and rate of exchange, transportation, language, hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast accomodations, climate, clothing needed, local customs and laws and any other pertinent information.

*Include as many pages, props, and pictures as you need to "sell" your country to your clients. If you do not know how to copy pictures from the Internet for your brochure - ask the Librarians. By all means visit a travel agency for additional information.

The Process

I. Each group will provide a detailed trip brochure including agenda for a one week to 10-day trip.

The Travel brochure must include the following:

   1. A cover that will attract clients. (country, agency’s name, slogan, picture,etc.).

   2. The name and location of the country.

   3 A description of the people, wildlife, plant life, etc.

   4. The "must know" for tourist: currency, customs, transportation,etc.

   5. Any special things to do while in the country ( festivals, holiday celebrations, etc.).

   6. Optional trip packages and costs (include air fare, car rental, hotel, meal plan, etc.).

   7. General Information about the country (political and economic status).

   8. Any unique information, pictures, maps, or descriptions from all four members of

      the agency.

II. A map of the country with major cities, sites and geographical features for your

     presentation. As well as individual reports/information from each member.

III. A class presentation by all the members of your agency.     



The following links will point out places on the Internet that will be available for the learners to use to accomplish the task.


Learning Advice

Use pictures, drawings, photographs, and film to make your brochure visibly attractive.  Include as many pages as you need to "sell" your country and describe your trip to the travelers!

Visit a travel agency - They have great brochures!!!

Check out Microsoft Publisher in the Media Center or if you have Microsoft Office at home.  This program makes  brochures. 

Copy  the form  below to keep track of your group and their responsibilities. You can do this with cut and paste to Microsoft Word.

Latin American Project:

Assigned country-___________________

Name                            Responsibilities                  How you fulfilled these responsibilities



Each    ** Presentations will begin Monday, Nov. 20, 2000 and conclude on Wednesday Nov. 22,2000.

  1. Brochure containing a map of trip and details of the week to 10-day travel tour.
  2. Presentation:  Poise and organization  ** Class Presentation should run no longer than 15 minutes.
  3. Brochure.
A (90-100) Excellent

Neatly typed.

Appropriate sources and activities included for all 4 personalities taking the trip. All 8 points of the travel brochure have been included. Daily Schedule. Pictures and maps. Excellent class presentation.


 D ( 60 - 69)

Typed or handwritten.

Activities for at least 2 personalities. At least 4 points of the travel brochure included. Maps and some pictures. Class Presentation.

B ( 80-89) Good

Neatly typed.

Activities included for all 4 personalities. 7-8 points on the travel brochure included. General Schedule. Pictures and maps. Good Class Presentation.


F (below 60)

Typed or handwritten.

Activities for only 1 client. 4 or less points on the travel brochure. No maps or pictures. No class presentation.



C (70-79) Satisfactory

Neatly typed.

Activities included for at least 3 personalities At least 5-6 points of travel brochure included. Pictures and maps. General Schedule. Class Presentation.



Congratulations! You have now created a great brochure that should provide a balance of fun for all young people taking the trip. A great vacation means a happy traveler and the desire to see more of the world. Make this a memorable trip and know that it will be displayed on the Class "travel agency" bulletin board.

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