Travel to Africa

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Your goal is to create a travel brochure that would encourage tourists to visit a country in Sub Sahara Africa.  

The Task        

Design a  travel brochure that is neat, creative and interesting.  It should inform an interested traveler about the exciting places to visit in the country you have chosen. It should provide ideas about the awesome activities that are available such as gorilla watching, bungi jumping, and white water rafting.  Pictures are a must but you can also include writing, charts, and maps.

The following countries offer the best and safest vacations:  Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and Namibia.  You can also visit Zanzibar, Mozambique, Malawi, and the beautiful island of Madagascar.

The Process  

I. Each group will provide a detailed trip brochure.

The Travel brochure must include the following:

   1.  The name and location of the country.

   2.  Vaccinations.

   3.  Security and Safety in the country

   4.  Cost of the Vacation, Airfare, Lodging, Food

   5.  Required Documents

   6. The "must know" for tourist: currency, customs, transportation, etc.

   7. What to wear ...what to pack



The following links will point out places on the Internet that will be available for the learners to use to accomplish the task.      



Learning Advice     

Use pictures, drawings, photographs, and film to make your brochure visibly attractive.  Include as many pages as you need to "sell" your country and describe your trip to the travelers!

Visit a travel agency - They have great brochures!!!

Check out Microsoft Publisher in the Media Center or if you have Microsoft Office at home.  This program makes brochures. 


Wed. 12/1/04- Research in the North Media Center

Thurs. 12/2/04- Research in the North Media Center



Congratulations! You have now created a great brochure that should provide a balance of fun for all  people taking the trip. A great vacation means a happy traveler and the desire to see more of the world.  SAFARI NJEMA!!! (Pleasant Journey!!! )

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