African Art on the Internet



From the African Store a wooden Bamoun Statue from Cameroon

Today you will be taking an Internet field trip to explore several galleries and museums specializing in the art of Sub-Saharan Africa. The purpose is to explore and enjoy the many types of art produced throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Task


from Hamill Gallery, Boston


·          Hamill Gallery of African Art    This is an art gallery in Boston which specializes in Africa art. Read the "Statement on African Art" by Tim Hamill. He describes the purposes and materials use in the art work.

·         The African Store    This is a store with many items from Africa to purchase.


                                                      African mask from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art        

The Process



This is an example of part of the student’s report.



Up to 30 points will be given based on

v     Completeness

v     Descriptions

v     Emphasis to detail

v     Understanding of the purpose of Africa art

v     Quality of concluding statement



Mrs. Stokes
February 2001