Driver Education Web Quest

 Buying Your Wheels and Insuring Your Investment








     One of the most exciting times in your life is when you finally get your license and you are able to drive alone, without friends or family members having to be the licensed driver in your car while you are driving.  Another exciting time is when you finally get a chance to purchase your own car.  You save every penny you own to buy that first car and you finally get a chance to buy what you want.  
There are many things that you must consider when you buy a car.  The car that you purchase must fit into your financial situation and you must make sure that you protect your investment.  This web quest is going to give you the opportunity to pretend that you have a set amount of money to purchase a new or used vehicle.  You have been given a certain amount of money and you are to purchase a car and insurance with this money.  Enjoy the experience of picking a vehicle of your choice and insuring your vehicle with the proper amount of insurance that is mandatory in New Jersey.  




     Your Aunt Millie has just hit the lottery and has decided to give you money to purchase a car.  She has decided to give you $500.00 a month towards your purchase.  This money needs to be used to purchase a car and pay for insurance.  You now have the opportunity to buy any car that will fit into your budget.  Before you begin, you are asked to trade in any car in your family to help with your finances.  Enjoy the shopping experience!!



1.  Your cover will consist of a title.  You may use any title you wish.  This page must also include your name, class period and date.  Be creative and design a cover that is colorful and interesting.

2.  Your second page will be the specifics of your new car.  This will include all of the options and the price that were quoted by the dealer.  You may add a picture of this car if you can find one.

3.  The third page will be specifics on the vehicle that you traded in, including the price that was suggested by Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds.

4.  The fourth page will explain the payment for your new car including the insurance that you will purchase for the car and the monthly breakdown for both payments.

5.  The fifth page will be economy information on your car such as mileage in city and open roads.  Also included on this page will be a safety rating for your trade-in vehicle and the new car that you are purchasing.  You must provide two examples of cars that have the safest rating and two that have the poorest ratings.  Give a brief explanation on why two cars you chose have a poor rating.  Also on this page, you are to explain the "Lemon Law" and provide information on this law that protects consumers.

6.  The sixth page will be dedicated to scams.  You are to search the resources to find 4 dealer scams and 4 insurance scams that you should be aware of when purchasing a car and insurance.

7.  The seventh and final page will consist of a detailed explanation on how to jump start your car.  You can also find this information in the resources provided for you.  Lastly, you must give credit for information that you borrowed from a source.   Use your Cherokee Research Guide to give you an example on how to give credit for a web page.   Always give credit where credit is due!!


Resources - remember to use the sites search option if you are unable to find the information that you are looking for.

Trade In Sites

Kelley' Blue Book


Car Sites
You may use one of these or find your own site.







Pick your own model



National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Automobile Safety Ratings/Crash Tests

Car Buying Tips - Lemon Law Information/Dealer Scams/Jump Start/Loan Spreadsheets

Calculate Financing - Gives monthly payment for a car being financed

Reader's Digest - Safety ratings and other important car information



NJ Auto Insurance

Insurance information for your new purchase.


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a web quest?

        A web quest is an activity that uses the Internet for the majority of the assignment.  The activity is already planned out for you.  You just have to follow the directions to complete the web quest.

2.  Must I use the recommended resources to complete this assignment?

        You may use any web resources that you would like to use.  Just keep in mind that the sites that you choose must be within the guidelines of the Cherokee "Acceptable Use Policy for Internet" contract.  If you are unsure of any sites, please ask your teacher.

3.  How will I be graded on this assignment?

        You will be graded using a scale that can be found under the grading icon on the top of the page.  Make yourself familiar with this grading scale.  Follow the directions, make a neat presentation and you will do just fine on this project.

4.  Do I have to credit my resources?

        Yes you must!!  It is very important to give credit where credit is due....Make sure you copy and paste the web sites address of all sites that you use on the last page of your assignment.  This includes any pictures or text that you borrowed from another source.

5.  Can I use a digital camera or scanner for parts of my project?

        You most certainly can!!  Use anything that you want to put pictures in your project.  The more creative you are, the better your grade will be.



You will be graded using a Likert Scale.  Click on Grading Scale to get a copy of the scale.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with the grading procedure so you will know what is expected of you.



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