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The Human Figure in Art WebQuest - Artists from different cultures and time periods throughout history have depicted the human figure in many diverse ways. What materials did they use? Why did some artists paint realistically while others preferred abstraction? What was Michelangelo thinking as he carved "David"? What did Rodin use as his inspiration to sculpt "The Thinker"? Are the two artists connected? In this WebQuest you will discover the answers to similar questions as you research artists and observe how they depicted the human figure in their art work. 
Mrs. V. Wilson - Cherokee High School


Romeo and Juliet WebQuest - Let's Throw a Wedding for Romeo and Juliet. Let's rewrite history and literature and plan a wedding for Romeo and Juliet to marry in a public ceremony witnessed by all! 
Mr. Moran - Shawnee High School 


SURVIVOR - Odysseus' Revenge -   Students are assigned to work for CBS as a part of a team that will develop the new TV series.
Mrs. Cook - Cherokee High School

Lit World Webquest-   You have been hired by a major engineering company to create a family entertainment park (similar to Disney World) called Lit World.  All of your ideas must be related to the reading that we have done this year in class, and must be appropriate for a family-oriented theme park. 
Mrs. Smith  and Ms. Czop- Cherokee High School

Short Stories are Like a Box of Chocolates - .You have just learned that the person you like really enjoys one of the authors you just read in English class.  The problem is, you only paid half attention in class when the teacher was talking.   You now need to find information about the author and the short story to continue your conversation with this very special person.
Ms. Czop and Mrs. Smith - Cherokee High School


Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections WebQuest  - Your group will be assigned a specific STD/STI.  You must provide information on whether the disease is a bacteria or a virus, signs and symptoms, types of transmission and any treatment or cure.
Mrs. Regn - Cherokee High School


Drivers Education WebQuest  -Your Aunt Millie has just hit the lottery and has decided to give you money to purchase a car. She has decided to give you $500.00 a month towards your purchase. This money needs to be used to purchase a car and pay for insurance. You now have the opportunity to buy any car that will fit into your budget. Before you begin, you are asked to trade in any car in your family to help with your finances. Enjoy the shopping experience!! 
Ms. Tinucci - Cherokee High School





A Picture is Worth a Zillion Words - Many things in everyday life follow patterns. Many do not. Whether they do or not is easily seen with a graph of the data. Increases, decreases, and cycles are obvious.
Mr. Procida - Cherokee High School



Chemistry behind Cooking - The talented chef Emeril Lagasse has asked you and a few of your friends to appear on his cooking show to present the background behind "The Chemistry of Cooking".   Emeril will be specializing in desserts for the cooking show.   In order to provide an interesting and informative show, you must research how solutions, thermochemistry, chemical reactions and the gas laws are involved in cooking.
Mrs. K. Shimp - Cherokee High School


Human Systems WebQuest- You will be researching a human body structure,  and you will write a report in a form similar to a series of articles that appeared in the Reader's Digest magazine 30 years ago. Of course your information will contain the most up to date information. 
Mrs. Doris Allen - Cherokee High School

Anthrax WebQuest - Your job is to create a newsletter which provides information about anthrax.
Mrs. Wightman and Mr. Dilks - Cherokee High School


Gene Therapy: Bane or Blessing WebQuest.- Students are members of a committee which will meet to decided whether gene therapy will  be initiated at a hospital.
Mrs. Sidelelsky - Cherokee High School


Dinosaur Extinction WebQuest - Students will make a newsletter called the "Extinction Event of the Mesozoic Era - Update 2000."
Mrs. Scheinberg - Cherokee High School


Cellquest  -  Students will learn basic concepts regarding  cells - the basic unit of life
Mrs. Perloff - Shawnee High School


Constellation WebQuest  -  A group of students will illustrate a book that would be appropriate for third to fifth grade students to read and enjoy.
Mrs. Scheinberg - Cherokee High School

Constellation WebQuest 2002  -  For thousands of years humans have taken an interest in the patterns that the stars in the sky make.  You are going to be assigned a constellation    You are going to research the science and mythology behind the constellation.  You are going to make a children’s’ book about this constellation.
Mrs. Scheinberg - Cherokee High School

Planetary Travel Guide WebQuest  - Students will create a brochure  that will present their feature of the solar system.
Mrs. Wightman - Cherokee High School


Saccharin and Toxology and Cancer - Research available data on Saccharin on the Internet
Mrs. Perloff - Shawnee High School


Natural Disaster WebQuest - To create a newsletter to inform the public how to survive a natural disaster.  
Mrs. Wightman - Cherokee High School


Plate Tectonics - You have learned that the earth's crust in constantly changing. As it changes new landforms are created and old ones are destroyed. Your group will use the Web to discover what happens along the plate boundaries, what causes the movement and how that movement changes the earth.
Mrs. Hillman - Cherokee High School


Substance Abuse WebQuest - Your job is to create a brochure which provides information about drugs. The project will be presented on a paper folded into thirds showing a total of six sections, three on the front and three on the back. 
Mrs. Wightman - Cherokee High School

The FBI Investigates a Crime Spree  - You and your classmates are the FBI agents assigned to the case of the Teddy Bear Bandit. Although not well-versed in human genetic disorders, you and your fellow agents are determined, through research, to learn as much about them as possible. You decide you will be more efficient as a team if each pair of agents researches two disorders and "briefs" the other agents on them. This way, when the bandit finally slips up and leaves bodily evidence, you will have the background knowledge needed to find and jail him/her.
Mrs. DeBlieu - Cherokee High School

Gas Laws WebQuest  -  You are the owner of a SCUBA diving academy. In order to make sure none of your divers get sick or die due to scuba diving, you need to make your diving students aware of the gas laws that affect diving, such as Dalton's Law, Boyle's Law, Henry's Law, and Charles' Law. 
Mrs. Brennan - Lenape High School

Global Warming WebQuest With the convening of a new crop of U.S. legislators for 2003, there has been a call to review our participation in the Kyoto Protocol. In light of this controversy, the Congress of the United States is conducting hearings on the issue of Global Warming.  You have been invited to speak at the convening of the "Congressional Hearings on the Global Warming Issue, and the Kyoto Protocol" to be held in Washington.  You will represent one of the following interests on this issue and make recommendations to the committee along with your team members who represent the other interests on the list. Remember, look at the issue from the point of view of one of the following experts.  Use a PowerPoint presentation to convince Congress that they should or should not support the international treaty to reduce greenhouse gases called the Kyoto Protocol. 
Mrs. Scheinberg - Cherokee High School

Wetlands WebQuest Each year a big traveling display is constructed to demonstrate one of the important environmental issues in the state.  The display is taken around to schools, universities, and Earth Day fairs.  The theme for this year's display is "Wetlands." You will work with your team members to research the important issues, facts, and problems associated with the wetlands.
Mrs. Scheinberg - Cherokee High School



Social Studies


Middle East Peace Conference - Your delegation will develop a proposal that addresses the issues of importance to your country  or group. This problem and potential solution will involve the country or group you represent. Your proposal  will be discussed and voted on. 
Mr. Dave Ellis - Cherokee High School


Latin American WebQuest - Design a one week trip and travel brochure that will make young people want to go to this Latin American Country.
Mrs. DeVan / Mrs. Stokes - Cherokee High School


American Imperialism WebQuest - You have been asked  by Congress to sit on a task force to evaluate the actions, policies, and direction of the United States in its overseas expansion.
Mr. Matthews - Shawnee High School


Aids and Africa - Your group has been hired by the United Nations and assigned a nation in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Identify the reasons for the HIV/AIDS pandemic and plan an HIV/AIDS help program.
Mr. Jenson - Shawnee High School


African Art on the Internet - Take and Internet field trip to explore several galleries and museums specializing in the art of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Mrs. Stokes - Cherokee High School


European Eurail Trip -  You will be given Eurail Youth Flexipass.  You are to plan a trip around Europe for up to a month. and keep a journal or running narrative of your trip.
Mrs. Stokes - Cherokee High School



Photojournalist WebQuest - You are going to research a photographer/photojournalist that interests you. You will be responsible for making a PowerPoint presentation that will be shown in class. You will be responsible for investigating the following areas using resources available on the Internet. You can download pictures to be included in your presentation. 
Mr. DiVincenzo - Cherokee High School





The Revolutionary War Website Evaluation WebQuest  - You are a student working on a research paper about the Revolutionary War. According to your history teacher, you are only allowed to use two Internet resources. Using the Internet you will visit six Web sites about the Revolutionary War and evaluate them based on the Web site evaluation criteria we discussed in class. 
Eileen Narozny - Lenape High School


Sexual Harassment WebQuest  - Sexual harassment is sometimes difficult to define and recognize.  Sexual harassment comes in many forms:  verbal, physical, and emotional.  Many cases of sexual harassment go unreported by students.  This WebQuest will help you to know what sexual harassment is and what to do if it happens to you.  
Mrs. Lord-Morgan - Cherokee High School

Television Technology Web Quests   - The new WCPN TV news station is up and running.  However, we need qualified personnel to run the news station.  WCPN is hoping to hire both above the line and below the line production people.  Your job, is to research a particular job at WCPN News
Mr. Caccamo - Cherokee High School

Understanding Business Configurations and Financial Statements You and two of your neighbors have been jointly playing the lottery for the last year . . .   Congratulations YOU WON….you will receive a combined total of  $1,000,000.  After careful consideration you have decided to jointly invest the money in a business.
Mr. Jack Lamplugh - Cherokee High School

Is a Career in Architecture or Engineering for You? -  You are a career counselor who has been hired to deliver a brief presentation describing a specific architectural or engineering job title.  
Mr. Pullen - Shawnee High School

It's My Life... WebQuest  -   YOU MADE IT! You will be graduating Cherokee High School and look forward to working and living on your own. In order to be prepared for a career, you will research an occupation of your choice and through outlined steps, find a job, place to live, create a budget and forecast your Net Worth in five (5) years based on your salary.
Mrs. Hughes - Cherokee High School



World Languages

Slavery in Ancient Rome - You are part of a group which has been appointed by the Senate of Rome to investigate the life of a slave. You will be responsible for investigating the following areas using resources available on the Internet and in print format.
Mrs. Underwood - Cherokee High School


Italian Renaissance Art Project - You are part of a group of artists dedicated to understanding Italian Renaissance Art. You will analyze the painting techniques used by Italian painters throughout the Renaissance. Each artist in your group of four will examine the art work. 
Mr. Lavelle - Cherokee High School


Un Viaje A Latinoamérica WebQuest - Each group will design a travel brochure or power point presentation that will make young people want to go to this country. You must create a name for your agency en español that will reflect your purpose for this project. You will present the brochure to the class. Any "props" necessary to enhance your presentation are encouraged. (examples: music, clothing, or any other item that would represent your country's culture.)
Mrs. J. Gallombardo and Mrs. P. Tsigounis - Cherokee High School


Un Voyage a Paris - You and your partner work for a travel agency. You have been asked to design a travel itinerary that appeals to a certain client. When you have finished gathering your data and collecting your research, your final product will be something that you present to the class. 
Ms. E Witzig - Cherokee High School


Vamos a España  - Each group will design a PowerPoint presentation that will showcase an assigned city. Each group will present this to the class. After all presentations are made, the class will decide to which city the family will relocate. Any "props" necessary to enhance your presentation are encouraged. 
Mrs. J. Gallombardo and Mrs. P. Tsigounis - Cherokee High School


Library Informational Skills

SoloQuest Library Skills - The user will be choosing one of the assignments that is a major part of a grade level's requirement.  The solo learner will go to Library programs and on-line to become familiar with the reference databases purchased by the Cherokee High School Virtual Library and the recommended sites for searching. 
Mrs. K. Witzig - Cherokee High School

"The Real Thing" a Primary Source Webquest  - Explore the different websites provided for your time period.  Select a primary source from one of these websites. Read and examine the primary source to discover more about this time period. 
Mrs. P. Richter - Shawnee High School

Researching + Reading + Writing = Literary Analysis Paper - Opinion, Analysis, Criticism - the words are similar when someone is talking about you, but very different when someone is writing about a book, short story, movie, or play.  This web quest is to help students become familiar with doing a literary analysis / criticism paper.
Ms. A. Czop - Cherokee High School




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